Leaking Roof? Beware Of These Dangers

Oftentimes, homeowners find themselves dealing with a leaking roof after a major snowstorm. The added weight of the snow on the roof can cause it to buckle under the pressure. While it might not seem like that big of a deal when it first snows, it poses a tremendous threat to your roof. Your roof simply isn't meant to handle all of the added weight and pressure. This is why it is more important than ever that you clear the snow off your roof periodically to prevent any unnecessary damage and repairs from occurring. In the event your roof did leak on you, here are a couple things you might want to be on the lookout for.

Damaged Electrical Wiring

Oftentimes, the water leaking from your roof will end up getting into the walls. When that happens, it leaks down the walls and into the electrical wiring. This can cause the wiring to short out and potentially start a fire inside of your walls. It might start with an electrical outlet shorting out, but it could lead to a major disaster inside of your walls where no one can see it. If outlets stop working or you hear a loud popping, you need to have an electrician come out and take a look at the area for you.

Mold in the Attic

All of that water leaking through your roof is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can form from the moist conditions and continue breeding and growing in your home and take over your space. Before you know it, you have major infestation of mold and the whole area has to be treated and decontaminated. Mold can be toxic and cause you a number of different problems with your health. Don't allow the mold to grow and fester. Get the area inspected right away to prevent additional problems.

Whenever you notice water leaking inside your home, you need to call on a professional who can come out and take a look at everything for you. They will be able to determine what it is that needs to be done to ensure your safety and well-being. Don't ever assume a small leak is no big deal. There is a good chance that the leak is much worse than you realize inside of your attic. You are better off letting a professional inspect it than you are waiting for something worse to happen.

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