Let There Be Light – 3 Tips For Properly Illuminating Your Pool Area

Planning and design your new backyard swimming pool is exciting and fun. But when it comes to practicalities like fencing, covers and lighting, many new pool owners fail to see how important it is to keep planning well. Lighting your pool the right way, for example, can spell the difference between creating a backyard haven people want to spend time in all day long and just filling your yard with an occasionally-used nuisance. 

Here are 3 tips for using lights around your pool.

Install Lots of Lights...

Under-lighting your pool area pretty much ensures that it won't be used unless the sun is brightly shining. To encourage people to lounge around the pool in the evening or enjoy a dip under the stars, you need to appeal to them with proper lighting. This starts with soft walkway lighting leading to the pool. Solar and low-voltage path lighting is an inexpensive way to achieve attractive paths at night. Place more lighting around steps and on any pool decks.

At the actual pool area, most owners make strategic use of underwater LED lights, which can provide not only warm lighting but also let you play with colors. LED lights are usually installed inside the pool either in pipes placed into the walls or under the coping (the round-edged cap on the side of the pool).

...But Not Around Seating

The one place you don't want extra lighting is shining on where people will sit. Make sure all lights are pointed away from the seating areas, perhaps relying on low-power path lighting and hanging lanterns or pendant lighting to light this space. You can also count on overflow lighting to help light the lounge area by adding sufficient overhead lights to the other sides of the pool so that the illumination will spread to softly encompass the seating. Working with a qualified electrician can help you determine how ambient lighting will affect the seating areas.

And Use Accent Lights

Lighting the pool area isn't just about safety and not blinding your guests. It's also about creating a mood for your pool. Accent lighting can add color, highlight specific artistic aspects or create a theme. LED lights can be installed both under and above the water line in a variety of colors and brightness levels. There are even floating lights available for a fun touch.

When designing any artistic touches like rock formations and waterfalls, work with your electrician to determine how you can place LED lights to highlight these features. Fire provides a great accent with the water of the pool, so consider such things as a fire pit, fireplace or torches as decorative touches. 

No matter what kind of pool you're building, be sure to plan the lighting carefully to make the most out of the space. By having sufficient lighting in the right places and with the right tone, you can encourage the family and guests to enjoy a splash any time of the day or night. Talk to an electrician like Conway Electric for more information about what kinds of lights you can install around your pool.