When You Should Call An Electrician

Like many homeowners, you may be reluctant to call a home electrician. Instead, you make do with too few outlets or put up with lights that dim mysteriously. Limping along with an inadequate electrical system may seem like the most economical solution, but it exposes you to some real dangers. When you observe the following, you need to contact an electrician.

Extension Cords

If you are relying on extension cords to supply power to your appliances or lighting system, you probably have them tucked under carpets and running along walls. In addition to this arrangement being unsightly, it is dangerous. Walking on these cords is a fire and electrocution hazard, and they were never meant to be used permanently. If you do not have enough outlets, you need to contact an electrician so they can add more to meet your home's needs. 

Two Prongs

If your outlets only accept two-prong plugs, you may have a bigger problem than inconvenience. You will not be able to plug in appliances like your microwave, but a lack of three-prong outlets may indicate that your system is not fully grounded, a definite fire or shock danger. 

Too Warm

If your outlets and electrical switches are warm to the touch, you need the services of a professional electrician. Other trouble signs are blackening around these areas or getting a shock when you touch them. You may simply be putting too much of a strain on your system, or you could have a more serious, hidden problem. If you have an older home, the condition could indicate that you have aluminum wiring, which is prone to fires. Either way, it is not a do-it-yourself repair. 

Fuses Blow

If your fuses blow or your breakers flip often, you are putting too much of a strain on your circuits. In a safe and well-wired house, you should be able to vacuum the living room carpet while microwaving your dinner without the lights going out. You need an electrician to address this problem.

Although you may prefer to handle small home repairs yourself, some jobs need to be handled by the professionals, and most electrical problems are included in that category. Some homeowners hesitate to call an electrician because they fear the expense. However, ignoring these problems can lead to fires, electrocution, and other dangerous and costly situations. If you are experiencing the above conditions, call a professional soon for an inspection of your wiring.