3 Clues That You Need To Call A Professional To Fix Your Generator

Generators are great to have for any occasion when the electricity in your home may go out due to a storm or utility pole trouble. They can also be extremely important for anyone that wants to preserve their food, keep their heat on, or run medical equipment anyone with an illness or disability. Therefore, it is vital that you are well aware of the signs that may indicate the need for a repair to your generator before any problem gets out of hand.

You Notice The Power Level Lowering

When you are using your generator to run electric in your home, you will want to be aware of how well things are being powered. Are your lights experiencing surges or are they periodically dimming? Maybe the refrigerator that you are running off of the generator is not keeping the food as cold as it should. You will want to call in a professional if you experience any of these issues.

You Notice A Leak

Even if you think that it is the smallest of all leaks, it is still something that should catch your attention as something that needs to be repaired. Leaks can come from lines, storage pans, or hoses. If there is a part of your generator that is worn enough to allow some fuel to escape, it is only a matter of time before it gets worse and you find yourself stuck with a generator that you cannot get fuel into. If what is leaking is coolant, you need to get that fixed quickly as well because a lack of coolant can cause the motor to lock up and no longer function.

It Gives You Trouble Starting Up

If your generator has sat around for a long time without getting much use, it could begin to give you trouble once you try to start it up. It could be that the battery is a little drained and will need to be replaced. Then again, it could be that components within the motor are starting to fail. Either way, you will want to have a service technician take a look at the generator to determine the cause so that it can be repaired.

You Spot Worn Electrical Components

Should you happen to notice worn components on your electric generator, you need to refrain from using it and call a service technician. The last thing you need is to use the generator and end up further damaging it or causing a fire due to faulty electrical parts. Some of the worn electrical components that you might notice include spot frayed wires, buttons that stick, or loose connectors.

With those few signs in mind, you should be able to determine when your generator is in need of repair by a professional generator company like Kevin's Electrical Service LLC. Therefore, keep an eye out for trouble by inspecting the condition of your generator each time you go to use it.