Wired Smoke Alarms: Why They Are The Best Option For Commercial Buildings

Do you own a commercial property? If so, you likely want to ensure that you have the best measures in place to protect your property against unfortunate events such as fires. The type of smoke alarm you have installed can make a huge difference in the impact that a fire could have on your building. This is why it is important that you understand why a wired system may offer better protection than smoke alarms that run off of batteries only. The following information highlights some of the benefits of wired smoke alarms.

They offer a scalable and interconnective smoke alarm option.

A wired system will allow you to link multiple smoke detectors throughout your property.This can aid in saving lives and preventing extensive property damage because the system will initiate alarms throughout the entire property rather than only at the location where smoke is detected. 

They can aid in easy notification when hearing alarms sound off is difficult.

You can have your wired smoke alarm system equipped with strobe lighting. This will aid in ensuring that people who are hearing impaired would be able to receive ample notification that a possible hazardous condition involving fire is present. Flashing lights would likely get their attention even if they do not hear the alarm.

In noisy work environments such as workshops or factories, it may also be difficult to hear alarms sound off. Workers may get involved in the "humdrum" of their work and not readily recognize the various alarms that could go off in the workplace. For example, workers could confuse the sounds of the smoke alarms with alarms for work breaks, forklift horns, or alarms when a spill or injury occurs. 

The importance of changing batteries is virtually eliminated.

Relying on battery operated smoke alarms means that you will need to have a system in place to ensure that batteries are changed out for the best protection. You can choose a system that utilizes wired smoke alarms that also have a battery pack area on all or some of the alarms. This will aid in ensuring protection if there is a power outage issue. 

An electrical contractor is the best resource to use to understand additional benefits that a wired smoke alarm system can offer your business. If you have an older wired smoke alarm system, they can inspect it to make sure that it is wired correctly, and they can also offer advice about any potential upgrades to the system that can make your commercial property safer.