Three Hypothetical Instances Where Generators Reign Supreme

Generators are not usually an item you run out and buy or stock up on. They are typically meant for certain situations, such as powering a cabin in the woods. However, there are three hypothetical situations where generators reign supreme, and if you were to ever find yourself in any of these situations, having a generator stashed in the basement or garage could possibly make it the best day ever for you.

Hypothetical Situation #1: The Snowstorm to End All Snowstorms

Every couple of years, northern cities get slammed with several days of the worst Arctic snows and cold ever felt. Power lines go down, furnaces cannot run, pipes burst because their is no hot water to heat them and no heat to keep them from freezing. People are absolutely stuck and in serious danger of freezing to death. While the storms might not last a week, you may not last a day or two in these conditions, unless you have a generator. The generator, particularly one that runs on gasoline and is a quick-start, can not only turn on all of your electricity and heat, but also keep it going until the snowstorms end and the utility company has successfully repaired all of the downed power lines.

Hypothetical Situation #2: The Lighthouse

There are still a handful of fully functioning and operational lighthouses in this country. These lighthouses require massive amounts of continuous power, provided by a generator. Even though there is already a generator working in your lighthouse, you may want to keep a backup for the most violent of storms. The backup generator will keep the signal lights going and help ships and their crews steer clear of the dangerous and potentially fatal rocks and undertow near your lighthouse.

Hypothetical Situation #3: The Bunker and Apocalyptic Events

Even if you do not believe in the Apocalypse in its Biblical form, it still helps to be ready to survive something extremely bad. Survivalists and extreme doomsday preppers alike agree that a generator should be the next most important item you own, next to toilet paper and water. It does not hurt to have a generator safely tucked away in your old bomb shelter or bunker, just in case these extremist groups are right, and something really awful does happen to the rest of the world. If nothing happens, then your worst case scenario is that you have an emergency or backup power source, such as from Oak Electric, that you can sell for cold, hard cash, should the need arise.