Commercial Wiring Problems That Can Impact Your Business

The wiring that allows your building to utilize electricity can be a part of the building that is rarely seen or thought about. This can lead to businesses being ill-prepared for the challenges associated with addressing the problems that commercial wiring can experience over the lifetime of your business.

Repairs To Damaged Wiring

Wiring that has suffered damage can represent a major safety threat for your enterprise. This can be especially true if the damage occurs to the insulation that is wrapped around the actual metal of the wires. When the wiring has suffered this type of damage, the risk of electrical arcing will be extremely high. If this occurs, it will be able to cause a major electrical fire, injure nearby individuals or cause other problems. Some business owners may attempt to repair damaged wiring by wrapping it in electrical tape. This may provide a temporary repair, but it can be extremely unreliable. Completely replacing the damaged wire is the only option for providing a permanent and reliable repair.

Upgrading To Higher Capacity Wires

It can be easy for the electrical needs of a business's equipment to exceed the capacity of the building's wiring. This can result in inconsistent performance from the equipment, and it may even become extreme enough to cause the wiring to melt. However, the option of going without the use of this equipment may not be an option for your enterprise due to the limitations or disruptions that it would cause. Fortunately, your business can invest in a wiring upgrade that will allow for your equipment to be used without putting this type of excessive strain on the wiring. To limit the costs of this upgrade, you can limit the wiring being upgraded to sections that directly connect to energy-intensive devices.

Reducing The Threat Of Surges

An electrical surge can instantly destroy nearly all of the equipment that your business may use. Furthermore, these surges can even permanently damage the wiring, circuit breaker and other key components. Preventing this type of damage will be far more cost-effective than having to replace or repair numerous pieces of specialized equipment. Installing wiring with a higher capacity than you need can reduce the risk of the surges damaging the wiring in the building. However, it will not prevent these surges from making it to your expensive equipment. Attaching a surge suppression device to the wiring will block, redirect or otherwise protect your business from these surges.

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