Common Breaker Panel Issues That Need Electrical Repair Services

Your home's electrical system is a complex network of wires, fuses, breakers, outlets, and more. All of your home's electrical wiring converges on the breaker box, where all of the circuit breakers are contained. Many homeowners may not know much about circuit breaker panels and home wiring, and problems may be overlooked until they become emergencies. Here's a look at a few common problems you should watch out for with your home's circuit breaker panel.

Excessive Wiring

One of the biggest problems that you may encounter with your home's breaker panel is excessive wiring that overcrowds the panel. This is especially likely if you bought a home where a lot of the work was done by the prior homeowner, or the electrical grid hasn't been updated in many years. 

If you look at your home's breaker panel and you see no available breakers that are still open for expansion, or you see multiple wires connected to one breaker, those are key indications that your home's breaker panel is too crowded. If this is the case, you need to have it addressed by an electrical repair technician.

Too Much Power Demand

Another common problem that you might encounter is too much power demand on the breaker panel. You should periodically check the panel for any signs of overworking. Feel the breaker panel itself and the wall around it. If you feel any heat, that's a sign that the breaker panel is being overworked.

You might also find that you have breakers trip frequently if your breaker panel is being overworked. When you are trying to draw more power through a circuit than it is equipped to provide, it will trip the breaker as a safety mechanism.

You'll need to talk with an electrical repair technician about this problem so that they can test the power demand in your home. Then, they can either redirect some of the demand to other circuits or expand your electrical grid to support a second breaker panel.

Breaker Panel Damage

Any visible damage on your breaker panel should be an immediate cause for concern. Whether there's corrosion from moisture exposure or the breakers or panel are cracked or broken, you'll want to address this right away to avoid the risk of an electrical short.

Electrical shorts can lead to a house fire, so it's important that you don't ignore damaged breaker panels or damaged circuit breakers. Talk with an electrician right away to fix these issues. For more information about electrical maintenance, contact a local company, like RDS Electric.