Should You Install an Electric Vehicle Charger at Your Home?

If you have just bought your first electric car, you want to make sure you enjoy using it at all times without facing problems. One way to accomplish this is to ensure the vehicle is adequately charged. You can currently find many public EV charging stations, but is that option better than having your own charging station at home? 

If your other cars rely on gas, then the idea of investing in EV charger installation might seem too far-fetched. Imagine the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at the comfort of your home. The truth is that many EV car owners today have their own charging systems at home, and here is why.

It's Cost-effective 

When you compare the expenditures incurred to charge your EV car at home and in a public charging station, you'll realize that the former is less costly. The rapid charging points even charge a higher rate, and since it's a business, you expect to pay more. So, don't allow the initial installation services expenses to discourage you from having your EV charging unit at home, as you will save money in the long run. Remember, the costs for installing level one, two, or three chargers vary, so get the one that suits your requirements.

It's Quicker

Generally, charging your electric vehicle at home will take minimal time than regular public chargers. This is because the charging unit is custom designed to suit your car power needs, and the size of the charger is suitable for the vehicle as well. So, you'll get to the road much faster than you would when using a public charger, unless the provider has a rapid charger which will increase the service cost.

It's Convenient

Another reason people prefer having their EV charging units is the convenience it offers. A full charge takes several hours, and the duration can be longer if your charger's capacity is lower. Can you wait that long? If you lack patience, then you will have no option but to drive on a low battery now and then. Things will even worsen if you find a line at the public charging station, and you have to wait for some time before you can plug the vehicle in.

Such delays or issues won't be experienced when you have your charging station at home. All you'll need to do is plug in the electric vehicle and retire to bed. By morning, your vehicle will be fully charged, ready for the day. Evidently, a public charging station cannot provide this kind of convenience. Every electric car owner should invest in EV charger installation. This will help save money and time and offer the much-needed convenience.

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