Common Breaker Panel Issues That Need Electrical Repair Services

Your home's electrical system is a complex network of wires, fuses, breakers, outlets, and more. All of your home's electrical wiring converges on the breaker box, where all of the circuit breakers are contained. Many homeowners may not know much about circuit breaker panels and home wiring, and problems may be overlooked until they become emergencies. Here's a look at a few common problems you should watch out for with your home's circuit breaker panel. Read More 

Three Common Residential Electrical Repairs You’ll See As An Electrician

If you are an electrician or an electrician's apprentice, it makes sense to try to be prepared for whatever jobs you might be called onto next. There is a wide range of common electrical repairs that the average household will require of you, but three of those repairs include electrical surges, malfunctioning lights, and dead circuits. Electrical Surges An electrical surge occurs when a large volt of electricity runs through the household wiring for a very brief period of time, usually less than a second. Read More 

4 Different Types Of Electrical Outlets

If you are getting ready to remodel your home, you are going to need to install some new electrical outlets. Electrical outlets can really impact the functionality of your home, so it is important to understand the different types of electrical outlets you can install and how they work. Type #1: Standard 3-Prong Outlet A standard 3-prong outlet is the type of outlet that you usually see in most homes. A 3-prong outlet is a bare minimum when it comes to outlets that are installed in homes. Read More 

Commercial Wiring Problems That Can Impact Your Business

The wiring that allows your building to utilize electricity can be a part of the building that is rarely seen or thought about. This can lead to businesses being ill-prepared for the challenges associated with addressing the problems that commercial wiring can experience over the lifetime of your business. Repairs To Damaged Wiring Wiring that has suffered damage can represent a major safety threat for your enterprise. This can be especially true if the damage occurs to the insulation that is wrapped around the actual metal of the wires. Read More 

Four Reasons To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Your home's electrical panel acts as a central hub for your entire electrical system, and operates as a fail-safe. It will trip circuit breakers and cut power off in the event of a power surge, preventing damage to your wiring and appliances. Knowing four of the most common reasons to consider upgrading your electrical panel can help you figure out when you should contact an electrician to inspect your system and determine your electrical needs. Read More