Three Hypothetical Instances Where Generators Reign Supreme

Generators are not usually an item you run out and buy or stock up on. They are typically meant for certain situations, such as powering a cabin in the woods. However, there are three hypothetical situations where generators reign supreme, and if you were to ever find yourself in any of these situations, having a generator stashed in the basement or garage could possibly make it the best day ever for you. Read More 

How To Switch To A Surge Protected Outlet To Power A Wireless Battery Charger

A wireless charger for your cell phone eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and provides a fast charge. However, if your phone is in contact with the wireless charger, it can still experience the same amount of damage from as power surge as if it were hard wired to the charger. While you can use a surge protected power strip to protect your phone from surges, these strips are more cumbersome and unsightly than phone charger cables and gather more dust than a vacuum cleaner. Read More 

Want To Set Up Gaming Computers For Your Family? Get An Electrician To Help

Moving into a new home requires you to set everything up how you want to before you can get comfortable. If you, your spouse, and your kids are all interested in PC gaming, getting this set up may be a top priority. So, you may want computers all through the house or concentrated in a single room. Before doing this on your own, you should hire an electrician to help you enjoy professional execution. Read More 

Do’s And Don’ts For Residential Electrical DIY Safety

As a first-time owner of a home, you are likely shy about working with its electrical system. The good news is that you can learn to safely troubleshoot and repair basic electrical problems in your house. Follow these time-proven do's and don'ts of electrical safety for all of the DIY projects you complete in your family's home: Do spend a few dollars and purchase a current testing tool. This inexpensive tool allows for easy testing of residential electrical current and will help keep you safe from shocks and possible electrocution while working with your home's electrical system. Read More 

Wired Smoke Alarms: Why They Are The Best Option For Commercial Buildings

Do you own a commercial property? If so, you likely want to ensure that you have the best measures in place to protect your property against unfortunate events such as fires. The type of smoke alarm you have installed can make a huge difference in the impact that a fire could have on your building. This is why it is important that you understand why a wired system may offer better protection than smoke alarms that run off of batteries only. Read More