Identifying Electrical Problems Around The House

How To Install An Inline Lamp Switch

If you work on your laptop or read in bed, you usually have to reach under the shade, and turn off the lamp. Installing an inline lamp switch makes turning the lamp off easier. An inline switch controls the hotwire, the conductor attached to the blade on the male end of the cord, by stopping the current. Here are some tips to add an inline switch to a lamp cord. Read More 

Let There Be Light – 3 Tips For Properly Illuminating Your Pool Area

Planning and design your new backyard swimming pool is exciting and fun. But when it comes to practicalities like fencing, covers and lighting, many new pool owners fail to see how important it is to keep planning well. Lighting your pool the right way, for example, can spell the difference between creating a backyard haven people want to spend time in all day long and just filling your yard with an occasionally-used nuisance. Read More 

Leaking Roof? Beware Of These Dangers

Oftentimes, homeowners find themselves dealing with a leaking roof after a major snowstorm. The added weight of the snow on the roof can cause it to buckle under the pressure. While it might not seem like that big of a deal when it first snows, it poses a tremendous threat to your roof. Your roof simply isn't meant to handle all of the added weight and pressure. This is why it is more important than ever that you clear the snow off your roof periodically to prevent any unnecessary damage and repairs from occurring. Read More 

3 Tips To Keep You Safe During Your Next Electrical Job

Although it's prudent to hire a licensed electrician to handle any significant electrical jobs in your home, there are a number of simple jobs that even a novice can successfully complete. While it's important to brush up on the specific task you're preparing for to ensure you complete it correctly, it's also valuable to take a safety-minded strategy. When you're working with the electricity in your home, a simple oversight can leave you with a nasty shock. Read More 

3 Ways To Troubleshoot A Bad Electrical Outlet

When you plug something into an outlet, you expect that electrical appliance to work. But what happens when it doesn't? If you plug something into an outlet and it doesn't work, there are several things it can be. One of them is a bad outlet. How can you troubleshoot an outlet to find out if it is a bad outlet or if it is something else? Check The GFCI A lot of outlets are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Read More