Four Electrical Installations To Consider Adding To Your New Fence

Adding a fence to your home can be a good investment that adds value to your home. A new fence can help to add security, privacy and give you other additional features. When you have a new fence installed, you may want to consider the additional features you want to have installed. These can include electrical installations like lights and outdoor outlets. Here are some things that you may want to consider for electrical installations for your new fence: Read More 

When You Should Call An Electrician

Like many homeowners, you may be reluctant to call a home electrician. Instead, you make do with too few outlets or put up with lights that dim mysteriously. Limping along with an inadequate electrical system may seem like the most economical solution, but it exposes you to some real dangers. When you observe the following, you need to contact an electrician. Extension Cords If you are relying on extension cords to supply power to your appliances or lighting system, you probably have them tucked under carpets and running along walls. Read More 

Why Your Electric Bill May Be Too High

Electricity is a necessary part of virtually every family's daily life. However, the ways in which you manage your usage and your systems can make a big dent in your monthly bill. An unusually-high electric bill can be due to a number of causes. While it's possible that there is a malfunction in your meter, it's more likely to be caused by one of these factors. Overhead lighting. If you're relying on an overhead light to illuminate the entire room, you're likely wasting energy. Read More 

2 Projects That Can Benefit From An Electrical Contractor’s Involvement

Electrical contractors are indispensable resources when it comes to dealing with a wide range of projects around your home. Listed below are just two projects that can benefit greatly from involvement of an electrical contractor.  Security System One project that you will definitely want to have an electrical contractor handle for you is installing a security system. This is necessary because every component of the security system is going to need access to power. Read More 

How To Install An Inline Lamp Switch

If you work on your laptop or read in bed, you usually have to reach under the shade, and turn off the lamp. Installing an inline lamp switch makes turning the lamp off easier. An inline switch controls the hotwire, the conductor attached to the blade on the male end of the cord, by stopping the current. Here are some tips to add an inline switch to a lamp cord. Read More